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Experienced Pet Care in the Comfort of Your Home

Let us provide your pets with the love and care they need, whether you are on vacation or stuck at the office.

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Do you sit at work in an unexpected overtime, worried whether your best friend at home can wait that long?

Has an unexpected business trip or family emergency left you scrambling to find someone to watch over your furry friend for a few days?

Does the thought of your fuzzy baby sitting in a kennel at some strange location for the holidays ruin your cheer?


 Then let Pet Relief erase your concerns as we provide your pets with the love and care they need while you're away!

 photo ai_heartpaw_paw_large.jpgOn our visits, we will:
  • Feed your pets per your instructions and provide fresh water
  • Take walks as needed
  • Service litter boxes and "patrol" for accidents
  • Exercise your dog or cat
  • and MOST IMPORTANTLY, spend time loving your pets as we do our own
Pet Relief would love to meet with you and arrange the services you require while you are away from home.
Call,text or e-mail us today for more information and to schedule a complimentary Meet and Greet.




We're looking forward to becoming your pet's best friend!


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